[arch-general] creating an archlinux usb key with persistence

Temlin Olivér temlin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 13:20:20 EDT 2014

>> My setup right now is this:
>> 32GB usb3 drive
>> |-sda1 (4G) - fat32
>> |-sda1 (256M) - ext4 /boot
>> |-sda2 (rest of drive) - luks - btrfs - subvolumes for root and home

> Sounds likea good setup.
> What tool are you using for partitioning? I don't remember luks/btrfs as
an option in fdisk, admittedly I am coming from a debian perspective just
switching to arch to try it out.
> Sounds likea good setup.

Just make it whatever you want, it doesn't really matter in linux, where
identification goes by magic numbers, not such things as this and
You can easily follow the wiki with setting up dm-crypt/LUKS and btrfs
Also, please append mesaages to the bottom, as to keep messages in a
chronological order.

--Oliver Temlin

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