[arch-general] creating an archlinux usb key with persistence

Thu Mar 13 11:57:36 EDT 2014

Sounds likea good setup.

What tool are you using for partitioning? I don't remember luks/btrfs as an option in fdisk, admittedly I am coming from a debian perspective just switching to arch to try it out.

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On 13-03-2014 12:04, Øyvind Heggstad wrote:
>> Any info would be appreciated.
>> BTW: I am planning on using a 64gb usb key for this endeavor.
> Just create a extra partition on the usb stick and format it as f2fs 
> or whatever. There you go, persistent storage.

I would say go with btrfs in that case. I've tried f2fs for a while and in my opinion it still needs to mature a bit more, right now I'm giving btrfs a go and so far I'm happy.

My setup right now is this:

32GB usb3 drive
|-sda1 (4G) - fat32
|-sda1 (256M) - ext4 /boot
|-sda2 (rest of drive) - luks - btrfs - subvolumes for root and home

Mauro Santos

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