[arch-general] [arch-dev-public] Trimming down our default kernel configuration

Arthur Țițeică arthur at psw.ro
Fri Mar 28 17:00:44 EDT 2014


În ziua de Vineri 28 Martie 2014, la 12:54:44, Arthur Țițeică a scris:
> As a side note I will try to test the worst case scenario in the Phoronix 
> tests -- Postmark, and post the results here.

I managed to finish testing.

As said above I picked up this test because it was the only one standing out 
with a great difference between the stock kernel and a selinux/audit 
configured kernel. It's also a very easy test to perform.

The raw spreadsheet data and the conditions for the test may be found at ¹.
I would really appreciate some help creating some nice graphs with this data.

My conclusions so far: there's no difference between the stock -ARCH kernel 
and my -NOLSM build in which I disabled all LSMs (and hence audit).

Note: the final test with 500000 files for the rotational disk isn't finished 
yet because... really... I shaved twice during the HDD tests.

A side note regarding these tests: SSDs act according to their fame and HDDs 
are as misleading as a daily horoscope.

I do plan to also test a no-debug but LSM enabled kernel even if it's just for 
the sake of statistics.

¹ https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29107946/linux-lsm/postmark-test.ods

Arthur Țițeică
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