[arch-general] Installing Archlinux alongside Ubuntu on aWindows8 UEFI laptop

Mark Lee mark at markelee.com
Wed May 7 17:35:20 EDT 2014

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On 05/07/2014 05:16 PM, Alan E. Davis wrote:
>   I would like to sign off with a little information about how this has
> gone.
> I had used the "F12" boot options method once.  Subsequently, the  Windows
> Boot Loader appeared on the GRUB menu.  I have since then installed Fedora
> 20, and it went very well.
> I now see that if once specifies "UEFI" as the boot method in the
BIOS, and
> not Legacy or Both, these linux distros look for the EFI partition (or
> whatever that is called), and if one specifies it to be mounted wihtout
> formating in the parititioning scheme, all goes well.
> Thank everyone for the help.  Now the machine boots right into GRUB.
> Alan Davis
To Alan,

That's excellent. But, the point of UEFI is not to use any boot managers
like GRUB. A proper UEFI install should be able to boot directly off the
firmware. On a very high level, UEFI internalizes boot loaders like GRUB
so instead of chainloading with a boot loader, one boots directly into a
UEFI program (windows, linux, mac os, etc...) I am glad to hear that
your machine setup is working though.

Might I add, if you are truly booting into UEFI mode with Linux (could
be Ubuntu or Arch), you could probably apply the procedures in the Arch
Wiki to boot Arch Linux without a boot loader

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