[arch-general] How to disable systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer

Paul Gideon Dann pdgiddie at gmail.com
Thu May 8 05:26:26 EDT 2014

On Thursday 08 May 2014 09:53:41 Lukas Jirkovsky wrote:
> On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 9:46 AM, Christos Nouskas <nous at archlinux.us> wrote:
> > On 8 May 2014 09:43, Olivier Langlois <olivier at olivierlanglois.net> wrote:
> >> Since a recent update (I have first noticed a couple of weeks ago this
> >> new systemd enhancement), systemd started to automatically clean /tmp
> >> directory daily. This is not something that I like as I prefer to decide
> >> when to clean up and to manually perform the clean up.

The /tmp directory is intended for temporary files, after all. If you need them to stick around, I'd 
recommend using /var/tmp. But yeah, masking the unit file should solve this for you, I think.

> > I'm sorry I don't have a solution to your problem (which is also mine
> > as I tend to keep a lot of files in /tmp...) but the invasiveness of
> > systemd is just outrageous and, allow me to say, not KISS at all, i.e.
> > do one thing and do it well [0]. First it was udev, next dbus, then
> > journal logs, then timers, now automatic /tmp cleaning. What's next,
> > mandatory reboot on each update?

For those of us that run systems that are up for months at a time between reboots, relying on a 
reboot to clean out the cruft that accumulates in /tmp is not too elegant.

Bear in mind that systemd itself is a set of separate tools, each performing one job and 
performing it well, in the UNIX tradition. It just so happens that the task that the systemd init 
daemon does is to manage and run many unit files (each doing one thing and doing it well), 
resulting in a well-managed system, in the UNIX tradition.


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