[arch-general] How to disable systemd-tmpfiles-clean.timer

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Fri May 9 01:01:10 EDT 2014

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On 05/08/2014 05:22 PM, Daniel Micay wrote:
> On 08/05/14 05:10 PM, Christos Nouskas wrote:
>>> I guess you'll be upset that Tom (one of the Arch developers) wrote
>>> systemd-networkd.
>> You guess wrong.
> So you're okay with it providing networking, but not timer units? Timer
> units were a very simple addition on top of the existing event loop,
> while networkd is a significant project.
>>> You'll probably also be upset that there's going to be
>>> a simple systemd-console from the kmscon developer (who is an Arch user)
>>> and a systemd-timesyncd for basic NTP clients not needing a full blown
>>> server with complicated RTC handling.
>> Again wrong. Unless they're enabled by default.
> The systemd console would replace the virtual terminals provided by the
> kernel. The NTP client might make sense as something enabled by default,
> although I don't know if it's planned to be.
>>> Everyone else will continue on with their lives, because they realize
>>> that there's nothing wrong with maintaining more than one binary/library
>>> under one version control repository.
>> Don't escalate and don't make it personal. You're just guessing wrong;
>> I don't mind running systemd, unless it decides what's best for me
>> without asking me. Clearing /tmp is one of those annoying things.
> I'm don't see how I'm making it personal with a bit of sarcasm.
> You already made it quite personal by promoting FUD with gems like this:
>> systemd's team is noticeably chauvinistic
> Do you think Tom and Dave are chauvanistic? Or did you not really read
> what you linked to?
>> I've also been annoyed by the fact that I have a PC that won't boot
>> with systemd>198-2, because systemd can't mount /usr/local (which is
>> empty).
> I'm not sure what you mean by this.
>> On the other hand I do love the _netdev & x-systemd.automount
>> directives in /etc/fstab.
>>> This is a rant against the Arch devs and the Arch community.
>> Wrong yet again. It isn't. I didn't say "The Arch and systemd devs are
>> this and that", I just pointed out some facts about *systemd* that I
>> find annoying and this has nothing to do with the developers
>> themselves, for crying out loud! Are you suggesting people should just
>> shut up and never voice an unfavourable opinion? Or you'd rather
>> prefer a court of flatterers praising how perfect this world is?
> No, I'm asking you to stop spreading misinformation and attacks on the
> developers behind the project (who also develop Arch Linux). If you
> interrupt a constructive thread with FUD, you can expect to be called out.
>>> Several of
>>> the developers and several people involved with the community are
>>> systemd developers, and there is certainly consensus among the Arch
>>> developers and trusted users to use systemd.
>> Which makes systemd perfect how exactly?
> No one said it's perfect.
>> Anyway, if I've offended anyone I offer them my apologies.

To all,

Don't make any of this personal. In addition, I hope the inclusion of
systemd in Arch Linux has more justification than just some Arch
developers are also Systemd developers. Arch may not be a democracy, but
it's not supposed to be infested with cronyism either (I don't think it
is). Let's all be calm and collected here and sort things out.

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