[arch-general] NTP: Possible permissions bug

luc.linux at mailoo.org luc.linux at mailoo.org
Fri May 9 12:34:09 EDT 2014

On Fri, May 09, 2014 at 12:43:11PM -0400, Carl Schaefer wrote:
> it appears that getaddrinfo() rescans /etc/hosts in full for each
> lookup.  That's not obviously related to the problem you're having with
> ntpd, but it does seem that huge ad-blocking host files are horribly
> inefficient.  Does anyone know a way to load them into database of some
> sort, perhaps a NIS database that could be referenced in /etc/host.conf,
> e.g.
To cache your values of /etc/hosts, you can install a dns server locally
(like dnsmasq). That way, dns resolution of cached values are nearly
instantaneous, and you can have a lot of dns rules. I have an /etc/hosts
of 16M, and yet I have a really fast DNS resolution.

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