[arch-general] NTP: Possible permissions bug

Carl Schaefer schaefer at trilug.org
Fri May 9 12:43:11 EDT 2014

On Fri, 2014-05-09 at 08:47 -0700, Kyle Terrien wrote:
> I was using an old hpHosts /etc/hosts file (to block ads). I reverted it
> to the stock /etc/hosts file in the package filesystem, and ntp-4.2.7
> runs without thrashing.
> I'm re-enabling Adblock Plus for now--until I get around to creating an
> updated hosts table.

I'm using the ad-blocking hosts file from


though I replace with so that connect() returns EINVAL
instead of connecting to localhost.  However, that file is under 300KB,
while the hpHosts file is currently over 16MB.  From looking at output

$ ltrace -S telnet 
telnet> open telnet.google.com
Server lookup failure:  telnet.google.com:telnet, Name or service not known
telnet> open telnet.apple.com
Server lookup failure:  telnet.apple.com:telnet, Name or service not known

it appears that getaddrinfo() rescans /etc/hosts in full for each
lookup.  That's not obviously related to the problem you're having with
ntpd, but it does seem that huge ad-blocking host files are horribly
inefficient.  Does anyone know a way to load them into database of some
sort, perhaps a NIS database that could be referenced in /etc/host.conf,

order hosts,nis,bind


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