[arch-general] console font setup

Carl Schaefer schaefer at trilug.org
Thu May 15 00:52:17 EDT 2014

I've installed arch in a qemu virtual machine, and I've specified
FONT=Lat2-Terminus16 in /etc/vconsole.conf.  When the machine boots I
can see the effect of that font being installed, but soon after the
console font is reset to some default value.  This happens with qemu's
default virtual display hardware of "cirrus" and also "qxl", but not
"std" or "vmware".

What seems to fix it is delaying the execution of
systemd-vconsole-setup until after /dev/fb0 has been created, by
creating /etc/udev/rules.d/20-fb0.rules:

SUBSYSTEM=="graphics", KERNEL=="fb0", TAG+="systemd"

and /etc/systemd/system/systemd-vconsole-setup.service.d/local.conf:


I have a few questions:

* does anybody else have this problem?
* are there any better ways to solve it than the above?
* does this indicate a missing dependency for systemd-vconsole-setup,
and/or bugs in the VGA drivers that appear to overwrite the configured
console font?


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