[arch-general] virtualize a w8 ntfs partition and run w8 inside Arch

arnaud gaboury arnaud.gaboury at gmail.com
Thu May 15 07:50:14 EDT 2014

I dual boot Arch and w8 in EFI mode with rEFInd. Both Os are on the
same ssd, with a ESP partition.

Now I am looking to allow Arch users to run a virtualized version of
the w8 already installed. The idea is to keep the dual boot option and
allow the use of the installed w8 from Arch.I want to run within Arch
a real "copy" of w8. In short, when changes are made or new apps are
installed from w8 boot, I want to be sure these changes will be taken
into account in the virtualized w8.

It seems to me the QEMU arch wiki part [1] :
Using any real partition as the single primary partition of a hard disk image

will do what I am willing for. Am I right?
If yes, is there any workaround to use the ESP partition of my ssd
instead of creating a MBR like suggested in the WIKI ?

Thank you for help and tips.


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