[arch-general] python mysql bindings.

Eduardo Machado eduardo.machado at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 12:27:16 UTC 2014


i was building a python package that depends on an mysql binding for
python, and i was looking about "mysql-python" [1], but when looking
upstream [2] the page has a link to a new website [3].
At this new website, the author states that the package is a legacy version
(the source used in the Arch[1]), and the new one was renamed to "moist"
and has a new source [4].

So, i ask if this is a case of outdated package or it can be considered
updated, although it's a legacy version?

And i would like to know if some TU has interest to provide the new one, if
not, i will gladly create an AUR package.
Best regards,


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