[arch-general] packages and configuration required to send e-mails from php.

Jens Adam jra at byte.cx
Fri Oct 10 04:51:59 UTC 2014

Fri, 10 Oct 2014 14:04:00 +1100
mick <bareman at tpg.com.au>:

> I suspect that php & drupal are working but I need something in the way
> of a mail server set up for them to work through.

Don't "suspect". Especially when you have little to no experience with
server software it's paramount to check the logs. Even when at first you
don't understand what's getting logged, it's important there are logfiles
in the first place.

> The Postfix was package was installed as a dependancy of something I
> installed but the help files seem to me to require a sound
> understanding of e-mail systems and their jargon which I don't have.

Right, don't treat email as some minor dependency; a proper mailserver
setup takes its time, probably moreso than any wiki, CMS or other web

The easiest route would probably mean to install a minimal MTA providing 
/usr/bin/sendmail, like 'msmtp-mta' or 'nullmailer', and to configure it
to forward mails through some existing mail account of yours.
You might need to tweak the envelope sender address of the generated
mails on your server or test with several different mail accounts as some
providers don't forward mails from external domains, but all that is
still way simpler than hosting your own Postfix.

But in case you also need/want to _receive_ emails ... well, then there's
no way around to learn at least the basics of Postfix/SMTP/DNS/etc.

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