[arch-general] Dual monitor extreme slow response

Matthias Klein matthias.klein at linux.com
Sun Sep 21 06:35:12 EDT 2014


I tried to switch on my Lenovo L530 Notebook from Debian testing (KDE)
to Arch Linux.
Installation was no problem, but when I connect a second monitor to
the VGA port the whole system gets very slow / unuseable.
(The same hardware constalation works without problems under Debain testing.)

I tried varios things, but nothing solved the problem:
- acceleration method: UXA
- acceleration method: Glamor
- Upgrade to xf86-video-intel-git
- Kernel downgrade to 3.14

I tried to downgrade the xf86-video-intel using Arch Rollback Machine
but pacman complained about xorg-server X-ABI-VIDEODRV_VERSION.
Do I have to downgade the whole xorg? Or should I try to rebuild the
old driver which is used in Debian from source against my Xorg

I have uploaded some logfiles to pastebin:

dmesg: http://pastebin.com/AW6x11Zq
lspci: http://pastebin.com/GQJdJh2F
xorg log sna: http://pastebin.com/xmCq1K58
xorg log uxa: http://pastebin.com/j9nH6rHa
xorg log kernel 3.14: http://pastebin.com/gijmJnCc
xorg log debian: http://pastebin.com/aDR8qHDs

Can someone help me?

Best regards,

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