[arch-general] Gstreamer upgrade broke rhythmbox streams?

Stephen Martin hwkiller at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 18:01:17 EDT 2014

> On 09/25/2014 09:22 PM, Stephen Martin wrote:
>> I listen to quite a few radio stations through rhythmbox, and all of
>> them now fail to play with an error of "Could not determine type of
>> stream."
>> I noticed that gstreamer updated yesterday to 1.4.3. Might that be
>> the issue? Are others experiencing similar problems?
> not sure if that's the reason in your case, i'm using clementine, not rhythmbox, but i think it might very well be:
> i used to use ffmpeg-complete, a package from AUR instead of the ffmpeg package from [extra]. after that AUR package received an update to a decoder file it became impossible to decode network streams. (forgot the exact file / codec name.)
> switching back to the ffmpeg package from [extra] solved the problem for me. looking now i don't see that package, ffmpeg-complete, anymore, so no point reporting this as a bug.

I don't use ffmpeg-complete (I just use the one from [extra].

I downgraded to gst-plugins-*-1.4.2* and all streams work again.
The issue lies in gst-plugins-*-1.4.3* .


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