[arch-general] Gnome 3.14 boot hanging (Reached System Update Target)

lltp lltp at mmime.info
Fri Sep 26 12:56:01 UTC 2014


I just upgraded to Gnome 3.14 and wanted to test new things, especially
the new Pacman backend to PackageKit (through gnome-software). I just
clicked on the "update and restart" notification and I couldn't boot

I remove the "quiet" kernel boot flag in Grub and saw that the offending
line was "[OK] Reached System Update Target".

There was no timeout so my system just hanged like that for a dozen of
minutes (coffee time).

No TTY was available.

I solved this by adding the "single" kernel boot flag in Grub, then log
in as root, then remove the /system-update folder then reboot.


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