[arch-general] update error(?)

Aaron Caffrey wifiextender at bitmessage.ch
Wed Apr 22 12:35:09 UTC 2015

On 21/04/15 at 09:10am, Francis Gerund wrote:
>But reading is not always the most efficient or even the most effective
>learning modality.  Often, just asking questions is the best way to promote
>knowledge transfer.

Hello Francis,

I have never inteded to discourage you or hurt your feelings. I saw
that you have posted couple questions in the mail list that can be
'copy and paste' answered by your favourite search engine.

Also I learnt that you have been using some other gnu/linux
distribution that has taken the learning curve provided by the command
line in favour of GUI applications.

If you asked yourself 'what is reponsible to start processes during a
system startup' you would come down to the init system which in this
case is systemd. And from here you can ask your favourite search
engine the following 'how to start a service in systemd' and you'll
get the answer. The emotional feeling that you have semi-solved
similar issues is undescriable and awards you with knowledge.

Read magaznies, I can suggest only
http://www.linuxvoice.com/creative-commons-issues/ as it is free to
download and distribute.

Best regards,
Aaron Caffrey

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