[arch-general] Add wpa_supplicant to the Group 'Base'

H8H h8h at dev-nu11.de
Sun Apr 26 12:12:56 UTC 2015

> Right. I'm not actually arguing for wpa_supplicant's inclusion in
> `base`, just pointing out that things like, `netctl` (and imho, the
> variety of text editors) might not make sense either if we assume `base`
> is exclusively for a bootable install.

I totally agree to you Sam, if this is what base is supposed to be, a
very very basic group, then I don't want to see wpa_supplicant in there,
but then netctl, dhcpcd and such things should also be kicked out.

Is it possible to create a new 'network' group, with netctl
wpa_supplicant dhcpcd?

~# `pacstrap -i /mnt base base-devel network`

and pleeeaaassseeee stop talking about editors.



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