[arch-general] no write access to gvfs-mount with certain applications

Sebastian Hempel sebastian at hempel-roeslau.de
Sun Apr 26 13:31:14 UTC 2015


I have a strange problem with gvfs mounts with the SMB/CIFS backend.
Both packages are in the latest version 1.24.1-1.

The smb shares are mounted with nautilus. The neccessary credentials are
stored in the gnome-keyring. I can open / read and write files with
LibreOffice and gedit. There is also no problem when accessing /
creating files with the terminal and vi.

But when I try to open a library with calibre the application tells me,
that the database is read only. The access rights of the library files
are all rwx and i can create files in the directory with for example
touch or gedit.

As fare as i can remember the (write) access with calibre worked before
the update of the latest gnome version.

Does anybody has suggestions how to solve this problem?

*Sebastian Hempel*
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