[arch-general] no write access to gvfs-mount with certain applications

Sebastian Hempel sebastian at hempel-roeslau.de
Sun Apr 26 19:43:59 UTC 2015


> Your situation is not even slightly uncommon. My usual recommendation
> is, if it is really important to have a networked copy, use rsync to
> mirror your calibre library on your networked filesystem.

That sounds like a good solution. So I had the luck, that my calibre
library worked on a nas for about half a year. Not to bad for the
problems you described. :-)

> Problems include inconsistent support for file locking and hardlinks
> (file operations are atomic).

Oh, that remembers me about crappy windows software not running on a
samba share. There optimistic locking and other technics lead to the
same problems.

So I will switch my library back to the local drive and run a script to
syncronize it with rsync to the server. Tanks!

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