[arch-general] makepkg as root

Christian Demsar vixsomnis at fastmail.com
Sat Jan 3 20:45:35 UTC 2015

On January 3, 2015 10:59:41 AM EST, Doug Newgard <scimmia at archlinux.info> wrote:
>Without going completely into the battle that can be started by the
>link you mentioned, what about the "choice and freedom" of the authors?
>Don't they have the "choice and freedom" to write their software as
>see fit? This would certainly seem to trump the "choice and freedom" of
>those that contribute nothing.

Removing asroot reduces flexibility. For instance, when making packages on a live install usb. You'd have to create a new account and su into it.

It seems like a projection of morals to me. Just because it's not good practice to use root permissions when it's not necessary, doesn't mean it won't ever be useful.

The argument for choice and freedom of the creators can also be successfully used to justify DRM.

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