[arch-general] rsync patches

Ido Rosen ido at kernel.org
Sun Jan 4 20:34:17 UTC 2015

  I'd like to add --time-limit / --stop-at added to ArchLinux's rsync
since it's available in some other distributions.  (This patch is
distributed from the same source as rsync itself, just in a different
tarball called rsync-patches, along with a bunch of other patches for
optional functionality that rsync can support but that isn't built
into the core rsync by default.)  Below is an updated PKGBUILD for
rsync that adds time-limit support.  There are several other patches
in rsync-patches that could be useful, but this is the one that most
affects me.

Pierre did not respond to my email back in October, so Pierre, if you
are monitoring this list, see the attached PKGBUILD, it's a trivial
addition.  I hope you'll make the change. :-)

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