[arch-general] makepkg as root

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Mon Jan 5 00:47:05 UTC 2015

On Sun, 4 Jan 2015 18:09:19 -0600, Eli Schwartz wrote:
> Well, you could at least actually quote what I really said:
> "[...] it was a straightforward change with absolutely no impact"
> ... now wait for it :) ...
> "beyond the impact of running makepkg --asroot by hand instead of by
> proxy."
> I was, of course, referring solely to the nature of that change as it
> regards yaourt and the yaourt maintainer needing to discuss the change
> with the devs.
> Which is to say, this change does not affect yaourt in any appreciable
> way, and the people it does affect... will be affected without
> bringing yaourt into the discussion.
> I have absolutely no opinion on people wishing to run "makepkg
> --asroot", that is absolutely your right and I wish you much luck in
> finding a suitable workaround or convincing the pacman developers of
> its merits or whatever you like.
> Because I have no opinion on whether or not it is a legitimate need,
> or when it might or might not be a need with extra legitimacy behind
> it... beyond observing that I have never used it, myself, personally.

For my taste pacman is the best package management I know. It still is,
after a makepkg option was dropped. I'm a yaourt user and can't notice
any difference, since I usually run yaourt without root privileges.
Sometimes I run makepkg as root, but it's no issue for me to run it
without root privileges, it indeed is smarter to do it that way.

The attitude to ignore the Linux ecosystem all in all, that became a
fashion a while ago is disgusting. The way to diss software contributed
by others, the way to disgrade other users who might have less
knowledge, who might belong to a minority is outrageous. Reducing
"community" to people who contribute to Linux is alarming. FLOSS is
based on public-spirited world views. Dropping backwards compatibility
within a major release (for a ".dot" release) is ignorant. The tone of
voice and no willingness to care about others, including minorities is

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