[arch-general] postgresql 9.3 -> 9.4

Christian Demsar vixsomnis at fastmail.com
Sat Jan 31 01:22:38 UTC 2015

On Fri, Jan 30, 2015, at 08:11 PM, William Gathoye wrote:
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> On 01/29/2015 07:01 PM, Georg Altmann wrote:
> > On 29.01.2015 17:40, Don deJuan wrote: I am merely _suggesting_ to
> > implement a warning message. It certainly _is_ easy to miss
> > something in the "pacman -Suy" output. As such, I think this would
> > be beneficial to everybody running postgresql, be it on a single
> > desktop computer or a farm of servers.
> I'm silently following this discussion from the start and I completely
> agree with this POV.

I've also been following this discussion. I think having warnings can
make upgrades easier without taking any control away from the user.

There's already a flag in pacman for disabling interactivity
(auto-selecting yes), so that same concept could be used for ignoring
any upgrade warnings.


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