[arch-general] lxde setting problems

AC router at archlinux.info
Sat Jun 6 17:53:06 UTC 2015

On 06/06/15 at 03:32pm, AC wrote:
>On 06/06/15 at 09:56am, James wrote:
>>1. Pressing the printscreen button opens an openbox dialog that says 
>>it couldn't execute gnome-screenshot.
>>I don't use gnome and I don't want printscreen to do anything.
>>2. I use lxde and I like my task bar at the top of the screen.
>>There is always a pixel above the open tasks so I can't just move 
>>the mouse to the top and select a task.
>>I have to click on the task name (which is difficult for me).
>>I tried setting the margin to 0 in the panel settings and setting 
>>the spacing to 0 in the taskbar settings.
>>3. Windows open (and can be moved) so the part of the window that 
>>can be dragged can be under the taskbar (I have autohide set to 
>Hello James,
>Does the information in your website is correct ?
>Had to use the wayback machine just in case you change something.
Hey archers,

I would like to note you not to answer such questions; ever.

His entire website and archive.org links went down approximately 1
hour after my reply. He claimed to be IT specialist, software engineer
and lot of other "titles". Used the wayback machine to preserve his
website, so you can see what a fake identity looks like.

I will constrain myself for a while as my gutt is
telling me that there is something fishy here and this person is
a spy or goverment employee. As matter of fact, will exchange my email

Wish you all the best

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