[arch-general] lxde setting problems

AC router at archlinux.info
Sat Jun 6 22:29:04 UTC 2015

>Sat, 6 Jun 2015 17:53:06 +0000
>AC <router at archlinux.info>:
>> Hey archers,
>> I would like to note you not to answer such questions; ever.
>Hey Archers,
>and I would like you to ignore such bullshit. Now what?
>> I will constrain myself for a while as my gutt is
>> telling me that there is something fishy here and this person is
>> a spy or goverment employee.
>Why the f**k should anybody here (or on any other mailing list) care
>about somebody's profession or anything else except the posted problem?
>> As matter of fact, will exchange my email address.
>I strongly advise you to unsubscribe from the internet. You know, there
>are other people, and the US military even helped designing it.

Hello Jens,

I'm not sure whether you understood everything correctly or took
everything I wrote personally.

Can you explain to us how a person that claims to have many
professional skills and a lot of experience is unable to find
the answers via some search engine.

Why did his website and the wayback machine links dissapeared
approximately 1 hour after my reply ?

It's becomes truly paranoia when you connect the dots. Deleting my

>US military..
past tense - '70s and '80s, sadly they rejected tcp encryption


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