[arch-general] lxde setting problems

Jens Adam jra at byte.cx
Sat Jun 6 22:36:39 UTC 2015

Sat, 6 Jun 2015 22:29:04 +0000
AC <router at archlinux.info>:

> Hello Jens,

Hi <unknown person>.
> I'm not sure whether you understood everything correctly or took
> everything I wrote personally.

I was just in the mood for some offtopic banter, sorry for that.
> Can you explain to us how a person that claims to have many
> professional skills and a lot of experience is unable to find
> the answers via some search engine.
> Why did his website and the wayback machine links dissapeared
> approximately 1 hour after my reply ?

I can't explain that - because there were no such claims or links in
the mail text. Even if there would've been a link in a signature, who
cares to follow that, 10%?!

But just in case somebody got curious: PM me off-list if you want to
know the background of '1000'.

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