[arch-general] Conky autostart problem

Francis Gerund ranrund at gmail.com
Sat May 2 02:36:30 UTC 2015


Using Arch with Gnome, I can start and run Conky manually.  But I can't get
it to autostart.

As stated in the Arch wiki Gnome article, Tweak tool will add autostarts,
but there is no entry for Conky in the list of application programs
accessed by using the " + " button.

It also says to "copy the relevant .desktop file from
/usr/share/applications/ to ~/.config/autostart" . . .
Well, even after re-installing Conky, ~/.config/autostart is empty, and
/usr/share/applications has no entry for Conky.  Also,
/usr/share/applications does not seem to have anything like a
"conky.desktop" file.

So, do I need to create a "conky.desktop" file, and if so, how?

P.S. I can't seem to find a good answer using a search engine.  And I
really don't want to (and should not have to) try downgrading (and then
upgrading again) Gnome, just to try something obsolete referred to as

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