[arch-general] Subpixel antialiasing

Daniel Micay danielmicay at gmail.com
Wed May 27 12:43:08 UTC 2015

> Doesn't Chromium use its own font rendering system? 

Not really. It has to do a lot of font-related work to implement the web
standards but they're using freetype2/harfbuzz like everyone else.

> I've noticed that on other OSes it has its own rendering style that doesn't use subpixel
> rendering either, so it looks different but not necessarily worse.

You're getting confused by the fact that it didn't use DirectWrite on
Windows for quite some time. It *certainly* had subpixel rendering there
and on the other supported platforms.

Windows has both a legacy font rendering stack and a modern one with a
different appearance and better performance. Many applications use the
old stack but people spend a lot of time in browsers so it got noticed.

> It looks fine on my Arch install, so its either respecting my font
> settings or the in-built rendering settings are (perhaps by
> coincidence) the same as my own preferences. I should point out that I
> always turn off subpixel rendering and use greyscale antialiasing
> instead, because the colour fringes on subpixel text are annoying.

I doubt you're able to notice color fringes with black-on-white or
white-on-black with the lcdfilter set to lcdlight. You probably just
didn't have it configured correctly (i.e. no lcdfilter).

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