[arch-general] Subpixel antialiasing

Robbie Smith zoqaeski at gmail.com
Wed May 27 11:07:54 UTC 2015

On Sun, 2015-05-24 at 10:52 +0200, Vladimir Nikšić wrote:
> Hi guys!
> I've done a pacman -Syu this morning. The upgrade went fine, all the 
> key
> components are working properly, except a slight issue I'm having 
> with
> chromium. Chromium no longer obeys the subpixel antialiasing, but 
> instead
> has a basic AA mode, without the subpixel hinting. This of course 
> results
> in ugly letters across the board. What's even more weird, other
> applications seem to have it normally, like firefox, xfce4-terminal, 
> etc...
> I'm using xfce4. The settings > appearance had subpixel disabled, but 
> once
> enabled chromium still didn't obey the subpixel hinting. I don't 
> understand
> what has changed exactly with chromium, and how do I set it to have
> subpixel once again.
> I went through here
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Font_configuration#Subpixel_rend
> ering
> but I can't really find anything pertinent to my case. Any ideas 
> anyone? :)

Doesn't Chromium use its own font rendering system? I've noticed that
on other OSes it has its own rendering style that doesn't use subpixel
rendering either, so it looks different but not necessarily worse. 

It looks fine on my Arch install, so its either respecting my font
settings or the in-built rendering settings are (perhaps by
coincidence) the same as my own preferences. I should point out that I
always turn off subpixel rendering and use greyscale antialiasing
instead, because the colour fringes on subpixel text are annoying.
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