[arch-general] QT applicacion dies on plain fluxbox, but not on fluxbox on top of LXDE

Javier Vasquez j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 23:15:38 UTC 2015


I've been using plain fluxbox, rather than any DE, for several years
now.  I use dunst for libnotify server BTW...

However now a days there's an application "hpmyroom" [1], based on QT
for linux, which dies any time there's an interactive popup.  For
example deleting a buddy will pop up a dialog to ask whether you want
to confirm or not.  Or when someone sends a buddy request, a dialog
pops up to confirm whether to accept it or not.

When using plain fluxbox, "hpmyroom" immediately dies with a
segmentation fault, when such popups are suppose to happen (nothing
pops up actually).

Other guys using Arch were not having problems, but they were using
DEs like XFCE, Gnome, KDE and others.

So I tried LXDE, but using fluxbox instead of openbox.  To my
surprise, that worked out.  Same fluxbox, just on top LXDE.

Problem is that I don't really want to be running a DE.

I was exploring what would LXDE be providing that I'm not using on
plain fluxbox with no DE, but couldn't find what it might be.

As mentioned, I was already using a libnotify server, dunst.  I
changed it for others like "xfce4-notifyd" and "notification-daemon",
which made no difference.  So I discarded a libnotify issue.

Then the other thing that came to mind, though more relunctantly was
graphics polkit.  So I called "lxpolkit" (part of lxsession from LXDE)
on the .xinitrc, prior to calling "startfluxbox", but that didn't help
either.  So, as I suspected initially, that didn't seem like it.

Arch handles dbus through xinit, when calling "startx" or using "xdm",
but then just in case I tried manually:

systemctl --user import-environment DISPLAY XAUTHORITY
dbus-update-activation-environment DISPLAY XAUTHORITY

As expected, that didn't help a bit...

Anyone with some clues as to what I might be missing to keep using
plain fluxbox?


[1]  https://www.myroom.hpe.com

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