[arch-general] Rerun bootloader from initramfs

Joan Aymà joanayma at gmail.com
Fri Nov 20 17:19:23 UTC 2015

Why should not be easier to boot following Disk_Encryption on the wiki[1]?



El 20/11/15 a les 15:08, Mauro Santos ha escrit:
> On 20-11-2015 12:59, Bennett Piater wrote:
>> I'm afraid I can't help you, but now I'm curious as to why you would
>> want to do that :)
> For the specific case of self encrypting disks.
> When you turn the system on the disk will present what is called a
> shadow mbr, where a pre boot authentication (PBA) image is stored. This
> image will ask the user for a password (or keyfile or something else) to
> unlock the disk, if unlocking is successful only then the "normal" disk
> is accessible.
> If using a PBA image based on arch, leveraging what is provided by
> mkinitcpio, then the sequence is like this: cold boot - run PBA image
> and authenticate - reboot - boot "normal" system.
> If it could be possible to (re)run the bootloader right from the
> initramfs of the PBA image, this time using the bootloader of the
> "normal" system, then the intermediate reboot step would not be needed
> and would streamline the process a bit (and make it faster).

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