[arch-general] suckless-terminal (st) in community - is there an issue with st-255color terminfo and tmux?

Oon-Ee Ng ngoonee.talk at gmail.com
Thu Nov 26 03:37:40 UTC 2015

I'm really glad st is now in community, though I find it slightly odd
its orphaned even though it's just been moved.

Anyway, on the upgrade my terminal would not start, and I tracked that
down to the default config.h setting termname to 'st-256color'

Changing that to 'stterm-256color' means it doesn't crash on startup
anymore. It's because I start tmux automatically in terminal.

The problem with 'st' is that the name is nigh-on un-google-able...
anyone else knows about this issue or has hit it before?

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