[arch-general] Makefile possibly removed libc?

vattan vatan.uml at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 06:15:36 UTC 2015

So I am trying to learn about c programming and I was editing a simple c
program I got off the web. I was modifing the makefile to understand what
it does and after building it from inside sublimetext 2 I noticed that my
root directory had zero free space. I rebooted and had 2 gigs free again,
but now when I try to launch sublime text I get a segfault. Dmesg reports
an error 4 in libc-2.21.so

I have not had any internet connection on this machine for 2 months so I
know it wasn't update related. My key suspect is the last few line of the
make file which I thought I had commented out but actually missed and read:

Clean: rm -f *.so rm -f coil rm -f tables

When I built it from the terminal in its directory it may have been fine,
but when I built it thru sublime I suspect the path was different in some
way and it deleted files it shouldn't have. Can anyone help me out here?
Sublime is what this pc is for and I am kind of hosed!

Can I just rebuild some library? Is my suspicion misplaced and you need
more info?  Is there a way to see what files have been deleted in the last
24 hours dispite a reboot?/


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