[arch-general] race condition when upgrading the new ncurses package

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at rocketmail.com
Sat Sep 19 12:55:08 UTC 2015

On Sat, 19 Sep 2015 13:54:10 +0200, Simon Hanna wrote:
>I wonder where in Germany you are that you don't have a good
>connection.... It might be slow, but you should have internet
>basically all the time....

It's a little bit too off-topic.

I want to mention that this update didn't really cause an issue
here, I'm just talking about contingencies, but indeed I often can't
avoid to make a complete update by doing partial upgrades.

For me it's ok if there's no hint by the news, if there happens such a
dependency update, my intention was just to mention that users not
necessarily are ignorant, but the circumstances are not equal all over
the world.

IOW we don't need to continue this discussion.

Now the answer to your question

In the middle of the Ruhrgebiet (I'm living in Oberhausen) there usually
is a good Internet infrastructure. However, you can chose a good
provider, chose a fast DSL connection with a money back warranty and
after a few month there's a company take-over, then you switch to
another provider and the same happens after a few month again. The
Internet connection becomes that slow that pacman stops downloading and
the ISP offends the general business terms, no money back.

The Bundesregierung is aware about the bad state of affairs [1] but
nothing happened in the last years.

I often have less than 1 bit/second for more than 10 seconds announced
by pacman, when it stops downloading packages. I had fast speed ADSL
for years too, it depends to the company that temporarily owns the ISP.
It's not the infrastructure regarding cables etc., it depends to company
policies and the politics that ISPs don't need to care about German
laws, their own business terms.

https://allestörungen.de/ shows that this is a common issue even in big
cities, areas of high population density, with a theoretically good
Internet infrastructure.

[1] Unfortunately in German:

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