[arch-general] Thinkpad 770 - Init exists but couldn't execute it (error -26)

Serge Hooge cuznez at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 19:29:46 UTC 2016

I apologize for crossposting from the forum, but I am not getting any
replies there so far.

I recently became an owner of a Thinkpad 770, which rather ancient by
modern standards and decided to give it a spark of fresh life by
installing Arch on it.

The CD boots okay, but when I try to actually boot x86 Arch, it Kernel
Panics with the subject title. It tries /bin/init, /sbin/init
and /bin/sh, failing with the same message for all of them.
Some searching shows that ERRNO 26 is for a busy file, but I've no clue
what may be accessing all the init files at the time of the boot.

I tried passing init=/usr/lib/systemd/systemd, but it fails with error
-2. Is systemd not on the CD?

I have read about successful installations of Arch on this machine
previously, but they mentioned no problems of the sort, presumably that
was pre-systemd Arch.

Is there anything else I could try to get it working?

I am using a late 2015 ISO for the CD.
Serge Hooge

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