[arch-general] GTK2 GUIs became a PITA after upgrade

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Wed Apr 13 14:42:33 UTC 2016

On Wed, 13 Apr 2016 16:28:38 +0200, Bennett Piater wrote:
>> It's a PITA that even users who don't use GNOME, KDE or similar crap
>> nowadays get broken environments, because even apps that are not
>> from a bloatware DE break.  
>FWIW, I'm using a lot of KDE apps in i3WM and don't have any problems.
>I have the GTK problems of course, but all my QT things behave like I
>want them to, including the KDE ones.

A misunderstanding, actually there are no new Qt issues on my machine
either. An old issue is the font size. Anyway, I very often read about
KDE issues, each time KDE is updated. Here all Qt apps, excepted of the
font size issue are ok, as long as they are not KDE related. KDE apps
tend to use some kind of gvfs equivalent, that for no valid reason
wakes up sleeping external green drives again and again and the only
way to get rid of it seems to be, to restart the computer after running
such an app. To fix this issue for GNOME apps, just replacing the gvfs
package with an empty gvfs dummy package does the trick, but I never
found out how to solve this issue for KDE apps. However, I don't need
to use either KDE or GNOME apps, but I need to use GTK and Qt apps.
Actually the only apps I can set up to my needs are GTK2 apps with an
outdated GTK theme. Since the Qt apps font size issue only affects
menus and not editor windows and similar, I can live with it, but
several, not all GTK3 apps are disgusting.

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