[arch-general] Advantages of netctl over systemd-networkd?

Simon Gomizelj simon at vodik.xyz
Tue Apr 26 05:07:14 UTC 2016

Alexandre de Verteuil <alexandre at deverteuil.net> writes:
> I was happily configuring static and dynamic networking in my home
> network using systemd.netdev and systemd.network unit files until
> I needed static routes for my site-to-site VPN setup. I'm still
> investigating the root cause, but basically routes don't get added and I
> get the following error message in the journal:
>     systemd-networkd[4468]: br0: Could not set route: Network is unreachable
What's the VPN technology?

If you're trying to add routes to traverse the VPN before the VPN
connection is established, its going to fail. The robust thing to do is
configure your VPN client software to add or remove routes. I know for
sure that both OpenVPN and pptpclient have ways of doing that.

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