[arch-general] Advantages of netctl over systemd-networkd?

Alexandre de Verteuil alexandre at deverteuil.net
Tue Apr 26 04:02:39 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I was happily configuring static and dynamic networking in my home
network using systemd.netdev and systemd.network unit files until
I needed static routes for my site-to-site VPN setup. I'm still
investigating the root cause, but basically routes don't get added and I
get the following error message in the journal:

    systemd-networkd[4468]: br0: Could not set route: Network is unreachable

…which might be related to this issue:


…even though I also tried with a static IP address.

So anyways, my question is what are the advantages of netctl? Is it more
stable? Does it offer more control and options? Do any of you who have
experience setting up static routes have any recommendations regarding
the choice of network manager?

Thanks in advance,
Alexandre de Verteuil <alexandre at deverteuil.net>
public key ID : 0xDD237C00

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