[arch-general] Opinions on PowerShell?

Simon Wydooghe wydooghe.simon at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 16:33:10 UTC 2016

I'm gonna go with Guus on this one. Compared to batch, it's a blessing.
Looking at this from a pure practical standpoint, I would very much enjoy
being able to administer the odd Windows server from my Arch box. I'll
still hate every minute of it, but how nice would it be not to have to use
a Windows VM to do it? Not having to go through AUR to install PowerShell
would be even more helpful.

I don't see PowerShell getting any actual traction as a replacement for our
current shell options. But the addition of it to the Arch repos would make
my Arch box an even more powerful workhorse.

On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 6:04 PM, Guus Snijders via arch-general <
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> Op 19 aug. 2016 17:51 schreef "kendell clark via arch-general" <
> arch-general at archlinux.org>:
> >
> > hi
> >
> > I took a brief look at powershell today when I found out it had been open
> sourced. I looked at some of the c# source code files and they all read
> that they're licensed under the apache license, version 2.0. I haven't read
> that thing, it's probably full of legalese I wouldn't understand, but I bet
> it's probably lax on the patent front or microsoft wouldn't have chosen it.
> So we could, theoretically, get into trouble packaging it for arch,
> although I don't think it's likely. Of course I am not a lawyer or a
> programmer, this is just my two scents.
> Not much to worry about, any code that exceeds a two-word limit [1] is
> probably using some IBM patents. Software patents are a patently bad idea.
> As for powershell on Linux; it's a nice idea. I actually like it on Windows
> (especially next to batch/vbscript), and I might play with it a bit on
> Linux. The idea of managing Windows hosts from a Linux machine is quite
> interesting.
> [1]
> Yes, that was an arbitrary length.
> Mvg, Guus Snijders

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