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> I was just wondering about what people thought about having MS code in the repos. I remember Skype used to be in multilib, and that wasn't even open source. I didn't expect this much of a reaction. Sorry if this isn't the place to discuss things like that. 
i was purposefully trying to make it clear that i was not trying to give
you a hard time(maybe i did a poor job of that), while at the same time
responding with my honest perspective on the matter b/c i felt the topic
was important. I, generally speaking, don't agree with having any
proprietary software in official repos but i'm not the one doing the
work/packaging and i've never really even looked into it well enough to
state an educated opinion, so i've never said anything about that, IIRC.
I have no hard feelings towards you, it's hard for any of us to say
anything that won't be taken wrong in or be in violation of someone's
delicate sensibilities in a mailing list, especially with heated topics.
It might be more accepted to post about aur packages in aur-general,
though. I unsubscribed to aur-general due to discussions on software i
wasn't using, etc.

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