[arch-general] Opinions on PowerShell?

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at zoho.com
Fri Aug 19 22:13:12 UTC 2016

On Fri, 19 Aug 2016 16:40:32 -0500, Yaro Kasear wrote:
>People who don't know PS would still have to look up how to do 
>the same thing on there.

That is already part of my point of view. If we have a problem and don't
know how to solve it, we not necessarily use the keywords "bash", "dash"
or something similar, but we would likely search for "Linux". If one of
the keywords is "Linux", we more likely will get help in using Linux
and BSD tools and very unlikely hints how to satisfy our needs using a
Microsoft tool. If we are already used to something, that is portable,
IOW provided by default for most, if not all Linux distros' default
installs and perhaps BSD, too, I doubt that many of us are willing to
use a tool from Microsoft, to get rid of the things we are already used

This second mail should be my last mail regarding this thread. I only
wanted to point out, that I'm a little bit surprised. I'm not against
this PowerShell, but I doubt that many Linux users will care about it,
not regarding reservations against Microsoft, just because there are
already established "standard" shells and "alternative" shells and all
of them can be used with additional commands, scripts and aliases.

I doubt that Microsoft now provides something that we were missing. I'm
surprised that this did cause such a long discussion.

"PowerShell is an automation platform and scripting language for
Windows and Windows Server" -

We already could read that some like to maintain Windows servers using
Linux, everyone else unlikely cares about different ways to e.g. use

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