[arch-general] Opinions on PowerShell?

Yaro Kasear yaro at marupa.net
Fri Aug 19 21:40:32 UTC 2016

Consider also that getting PowerShell doesn't solve the "how do I" 
problem. People who don't know PS would still have to look up how to do 
the same thing on there. If you're already familiar with Linux, and 
chances are you are if you're using Archlinux, then PowerShell won't 
solve any problems for you in almost every case.

It's neat that PowerShell is ported now, but I do scratch my head and 
wonder what niche it will fill that would merit anything more than 
placement on the AUR.


On Fri, Aug 19, 2016 at 4:33 PM, Ralf Mardorf <silver.bullet at zoho.com> 
> www.my-favoured-search-engine.com
> Search term:
>   linux shell how to do this and that
> If you don't know how to find the size and name of the three largest
> files in a directory, but only of those files that have a size value
> that is a prime number in MiB and a file name that does contain the
> letters "a" and "f", but does not include the numbers "3" and "6", you
> more likely will find hints how to do this by common used Linux and 
> tools, than hints how to do this with a Microsoft shell.
> This is not an argument pro or con PowerShell. I don't care
> if it is in a repo or not. I just wonder about arguing pro PowerShell
> by providing examples that are solvable by either already having the
> Linux knowledge or by using a search engine with the keyword Linux, to
> get Linux knowledge.

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