[arch-general] [arch-mirrors] pacman verify database

Dennis Börm allspark at wormhole.eu
Mon Feb 8 19:37:24 UTC 2016

On 2016-02-08 00:22, João Miguel wrote:
>>> i've setup a mirror this week. one sync today synced an incomplete state
>> >from a tier1 mirror. is there a tool/script to determine if a/my mirror
>>> is in a consistent state?
>> I am not aware of any such tool. I'm forwarding this to arch-general
>> in the hope that someone either knows or wants to create one.
>> Florian
> I've found this page: https://www.archlinux.org/mirrors/status/. It's
> available as a JSON file too. So you can just query it and off you go.

my mirror is syncing from mirror A. Mirror A itself is syncing from
archlinux.org. maybe my mirror syncs an inconsistent (core.db updated,
but there are some packages missing -> bad) state. i don't know that.
this site could say '25 minutes ago all was ok' but what about now?

i only want to compare the {core, extra, ...}.db with the package files.
if all is okay i can move this version to production, else i wait and
sync again to the offline location.

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