[arch-general] Alternative init system proposal

João Miguel jmcf125 at openmailbox.org
Mon Feb 15 15:54:02 UTC 2016

A 2016-02-14T23:13:44 +0100, LoneVVolf escreveu:
> On 14-02-16 17:17, João Miguel wrote:
> >Then I shall contact Artoo and add the packages back to the AUR as Nous
> >suggested. Though I don't see how a repository officially trusted by
> >Manjaro is less trusted than the AUR. Nevertheless, I do like the AUR, and
> >packages being there might help. Have a good day, João Miguel
> Not long ago Artoo renamed his manjaro packages to openrc without any
> discusssion with apg or apg openrc users.
It was after he was asked to remove his pakages from the AUR and after a
discussion in the Manjaro forums

> Before artoo packages can be put back in AUR, that naming conflict needs to
> be solved.
FWIW, there are currently at least 13 packages in the AUR (found by
searching and reading PKGBUILDs) from different people that install init
scripts to /etc/init.d and not Apg's /etc/openrc/init.d.

> Even if that naming conflict were resolved, the division in the small AL
> openrc community would continue to exist.
I think the easiest way to unite efforts would be to forget /etc/openrc.
I see that you want to avoid a conflict with initscripts, but if you
installed to /etc as Artoo, you'd be closer to upstream (Gentoo). I'm ok
with any directory, but I don't see the point in using /etc/openrc; who
uses both initscripts-fork and openrc, except for testing purposes?
Maybe you could change the default of that SYSCONFDIR variable to /etc,
and have the rare users of both systems change it to /etc/openrc (they
could get a warning in a post-install file or something like that).

> Maybe the AL users wanting to remove systemd completely could investigate if
> switching from openrc artoo way to openrc apg way is possible ?
I wouldn't put it off the chart, but note that users in Manjaro and
those of systemd-free.org already have binaries for Artoo's way, so a
middle ground between the ways, starting with identifying the
differences and figuring which way is best for each of those, would be
preferred IMHO.

> Lone_Wolf
> Active user of openrc apg way
> co-maintainer of apg openrc (since this weekend)
Thank you for you efforts in maintaining an alternative, they are very
much appreciated.

João Miguel

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