[arch-general] Alternative init system proposal

Stefan Tatschner rumpelsepp at sevenbyte.org
Tue Feb 23 08:51:42 UTC 2016

On 23.02.2016 08:43, Eric Vidal wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I'm the creator of Obarun
> I use runit for PID1 and managing service. Repo is available for all package builded without systemd support. All this package have the name xxx-systemd to avoid trouble with original package. Package are maintained every week (one time per week). all this package doesn't have service declaration to allow other distro to use it like manjaro, alphaos etecetera...
> A github with all the pkgbuild used is available here https://github.com/Obarun + some personnal scripts
> A complete site is available too with forum and a little wiki here www.obarun.org
> Proposal an alternative to systemd on arch system isn't impossible even for complex desktop environment. KF5, XFCE4 work on it.(using consolekit for the moment)
> dev is managed by gentoo eudev (working with jcnelson vdev is in progress, but not working for the moment).
> I use my system from almost one year now and share it from july 2015. This system is not perfect (i'm not a good dev) and i'm alone to make all the stuff (site, maintaining, new features and so one) but i'm the proof that can be possible and without so much efford.
> Isn't the work to arch to propose an alternative. Pacman, makepkg, pkgbuild are beautiful tools which allow user to make every his want. So use it and don't ask anything to arch dev :)

Please stop spamming our inboxes with this topic over and over again!
There has been a gigantic thread a few days ago on arch-general.


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