[arch-general] Using libpqxx with clang

Garmine mikro001 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 15:33:48 UTC 2016


With the recent update of libc++ I wanted to continue compiling and
testing a C++14 project with clang (and gcc), but unfortunately the
libpqxx package is compiled for gcc - it is impossible* to use with
clang at the moment.

It used to properly work several months ago. I believe the recent
update of libc++ introduced incompatibilities between the two
compilers and it's libraries and that's why the above issue arose.

Anyways, did anyone manage to compile libpqxx dependent code using
clang++ 3.8 and libc++ 3.8? Or does anyone have an idea on how to fix
the package while retaining compatibility with both compilers at the same

 * or am I missing something?


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