[arch-general] community/go-tools godoc

David N Murray dmurray at jsbsystems.com
Fri Jul 29 03:03:19 UTC 2016


I think I have two problems.  The first is a simple packaging question.  
I have been using Go (community/go and go-tools, version 2:1.6.3-1 is 
currently installed and appears to be the latest package available) for 
a few years.  Tonight I get this:

$ godoc
bash: godoc: command not found

I usually start godoc for docs on the installed go packages I have in my 
project (godoc -http=:6060 &), so I know I used to have it, but it's 
been a few weeks since I tried to use it (2:1.6.3-1 was released 21-Jul 
and I upgraded shortly thereafter).

$ locate godoc

So, my initial question is what happened to godoc?  I expected it in 
/usr/bin (same place that go, gofmt, etc. are installed).  It seems to 
have disappeared:

$ pacman -Ql go-tools | grep godoc
$ pacman -Qo godoc
error: failed to find 'godoc' in PATH: No such file or directory
$ pacman -Ql -p 
/var/cache/pacman/pkg/go-tools-2:1.6.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz  | grep godoc
go-tools /usr/bin/godoc

Did it get dropped, inadvertantly? I looked around the packages and it 
doesn't look like it got moved.

My second question is regarding /usr/src/bin.  I don't recall ever 
seeing that directory before and I don't have it on the other 2 arch 
boxen I built.  Did I screw something up along the way?  All the 
binaries in there are dated 25-Oct-2015. I'm using this godoc for the 
time being, but I can't tell which version it got packaged with 
(probably doesn't matter).


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