[arch-general] packer vs packer-io

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Thu Jun 23 14:58:16 UTC 2016

On 23.06.2016 16:04, Andre "Osku" Schmidt via arch-general wrote:
> I would like to provide the user a single command to build "my" software
> (eg. make), but am not sure what i should do.

If there are pkg-config files or similar to detect the correct settings,
use those. Otherwise, just default to whatever is most common and
provide a configure option or environment variable (when you only have a
makefile) to change the value. Feel free to add a sanity check that for
example looks at the --version output if there is something like that.
If you add that, include an option to disable it though. It might break
in the future depending on what you look for.

Also, you want the distro maintainers to package your software for you.
They know what to do and they do stuff like this all the time. You don't
have to waste time on creating packages yourself or ask normal users to
install from source. Experienced users will be capable of changing a
configure option if they really need to build from source. Normal users
should use packages maintained by their distro.

Also kind of fitting: http://kmkeen.com/maintainers-matter/


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