[arch-general] KDE apps using incorrect colors after recent upgrade

sL1pKn07 SpinFlo sl1pkn07 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 16:24:26 UTC 2016

2016-06-27 18:21 GMT+02:00 David Rosenstrauch <darose at darose.net>:
> I haven't yet been able to pin down the root cause, but some recent upgrade
> (my best guess is qt5) seems to be messing with my KDE apps' ability to pick
> up the correct color scheme.
> If you look at the screenshot at
> http://darose.net/Screenshot_2016-06-27_12-13-53.png you can see that I have
> KDE's color scheme set to a custom, dark scheme.  However, several of the
> KDE apps are not picking up this scheme - e.g., the System Settings app
> itself, as well as Kalarm.  But several other KDE apps are picking up the
> correct scheme correctly - such as Konqueror.
> Note that I'm using XFCE as my desktop, if that makes a difference
> Anyone have any idea what might be broken here, and how I might be able to
> get it fixed?
> Thanks,
> DR

try with qt5ct. I had the same issue and some days ago i can fix with it


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