[arch-general] netcdf problem after arch update

Fulcrum fulcrummike at hotmail.com
Wed May 11 21:07:44 UTC 2016

Thanks all for your suggestions. Since I had to run only a couple more 
simulations using gasflow, I downgraded netcdf. I will upgrade again to 
the latest model once the simulations complete to avoid dependency 
problems in the future.

On 05/12/2016 03:06 AM, Fulcrum wrote:
> I feel stupid for not googling it.. Thanks! It solved the issue.
> On 05/12/2016 02:21 AM, Ilya Boka wrote:
>> Of course you can downgrade package if you want.
>> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/downgrading_packages
>> On Wed, May 11, 2016 at 9:16 PM, Fulcrum <fulcrummike at hotmail.com> wrote:
>>> Thanks for the reply.
>>> Is is possible to revert back to the previous version of netcdf?
>>> Since one
>>> of the tools (pyscan) is a portable script, I don't know how can I
>>> 'rebuild'
>>> it to work with the newer version of netcdf.
>>> Also, I would prefer it very much to avoid rebuilding the other tool
>>> (gasflow) because it takes a long time, and various other
>>> difficulties (It
>>> has many other dependencies which may cause other problems). It was a
>>> headache to install it in the first place.
>>> On 05/12/2016 12:25 AM, Eli Schwartz wrote:
>>>> On 05/11/2016 12:12 PM, Fulcrum wrote:
>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>> I have two tools that use libnetcdf.so.7. They were working fine
>>>>> earlier. I updated Arch using the 'pacman -Syy' and 'pacman -Su'. But
>>>>> after the update, both the tools are giving errors:
>>>>> Tool1 (gasflow) error:
>>>>> /home/foxtrot/project/gasflow-3.0/bin/xgf2: error while loading shared
>>>>> libraries: libnetcdf.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such
>>>>> file
>>>>> or directory
>>>>> Toos2 (pyscan) error:
>>>>> ImportError: libnetcdf.so.7: cannot open shared object file: No such
>>>>> file or directory
>>>> For future reference:
>>>> [eschwartz at arch ~]$ pacman -Fsx 'libnetcdf\.so'
>>>> extra/netcdf 4.4.1rc1-1
>>>>     usr/lib/libnetcdf.so
>>>>     usr/lib/libnetcdf.so.12
>>>>     usr/lib/libnetcdf.so.12.0.0
>>>> Rebuild your software against the latest version of netcdf. Since it
>>>> wasn't installed from the Arch Linux repositories, it is your
>>>> responsibility to update it and make sure it is properly rebuilt as
>>>> packages get updated.

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